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    Top 5 Lick's Burger Jokes for March 4th 2021

    Top 5 Lick's Burger Jokes for March 4th 2021

    Here at Lick's we have some of the funniest people around. We have listed 5 of the funniest Burger jokes we could come up with for the day!

    Joke One:

    How do you make a cheeseburger sad? Make it with blue cheese!

    Joke Two:

    How far do burgers go in school? Through cowlege (then they get their 450 degrees!).

    Joke Three:

    What did they say about the burger who went skiing for the first time? How the meaty have fallen!

    Joke Four:

    What do they call a meeting among the most brilliant people in Burger Land? A MEATing of the minds!

    Joke Five:

    Where can a burger get a great night’s sleep? On a bed of lettuce!


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