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The Lick's Story

Lick's Homeburgers & Ice Cream was a Canadian restaurant chain that operated in the Greater Toronto Area. Lick's was founded in 1980 by Denise Meehan who had been a Toronto local and had mass amount of years experience in the restaurant industry. Denise opened Lick's Burgers back in 1980, and quickly expanded their restaurant count and soon enough had locations all over Ontario, to the point where you couldn't go to any town in Ontario without seeing a Lick's Burgers. 

Lick's soon after that decided to re package what they were offering their customers in their restaurants and packaging up their meats and selling it in grocery stores. 



Lick's has seen some ups and downs since their launch, and some restaurants have closed, focusing now on their re-launch selling their award winning meats online to get delivered right to your door if you live in the Greater Toronto area.

Lick's is proud to have the best tasting burger in Toronto and one of the lowest prices for a box of burgers. With prices as low as $34.99 and FREE shipping over $100, it is a no brainer to order some boxes of Lick's Burgers to your door today.

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