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FREESHIPPING on Orders of 4 Boxes or More!

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    Cooking Instructions


    Lick’s frozen meats should be stored in your freezer.

    Grilling Tips

    1. Ensure that your grill is thoroughly cleaned and oiled before beginning.
    2. Fire up your grill to hot on one section and medium on another section.
    3. It is generally best to sear both sides of your meat on the hot section first to seal in the juices, then move to the medium heat section to cook to your desired wellness.
    4. When grilling, it's best to stay at the grill and don't get distracted.

    Grilling Lick’s® Homeburgers® 

    Ensure that Homeburgers® reach an internal temperature of at least 160ºF (71ºC) and juices run clear. 

    1. Cook from frozen.
    2. BBQ, pan fry or broil.
    3. For ideal results, charbroil on a hot BBQ . Sear each side of the Homeburger® on high heat to medium rare.
    4. Puncture the center of the burger.
    5. Continue to cook, while flipping frequently on medium heat .
    6. Ensure that Homeburgers® reach an internal temperature of at least 160ºF (71ºC) and juices run clear. 
    7. Serve on hot slightly toasted quality buns.

    Cooking Lick’s® Nature Burgers® 

    1. Brush a clean heated grill with a little cooking oil.
    2. Grill frozen Nature Burger® in covered barbecue on medium heat for about 1.5 minutes per side, turning occasionally when required.
    3. Do not overcook.
    4. Serve immediately on hot slightly toasted buns.

    Stove Top:
    1. Cook frozen Nature Burger® in nonstick frying pan with a little cooking oil or spray on medium heat for about 2 minutes per side, turning occasionally when required.
    2. Do not overcook.
    3. Serve immediately on hot slightly toasted buns.

    1. Lick’s® Nature Burgers® can also be microwaved and typically take 2 minutes on high.


    Cooking  Lick’s® Steaks® 

    Thawing Steaks
    Remove steaks from the freezer, ideally the day before, thawing in a refrigerator. Allow them to come to room temperature for no longer than a half hour before cooking.
    Thawed steaks can keep within a refrigerator for up to 7 days, if left sealed and unopened, in their original quality vacuum sealed packaging.
    Preparing Steaks
    Step 1. First be sure to pat your steaks dry with a paper towel making sure all moisture is gone from the surface.
    Step 2. Dress with just a little bit of olive oil, rubbing into both sides.
    Step 3. Season your steaks evenly to taste, pressing seasoning into both sides.
    Step 4. If your seasoning includes salt, be sure to introduce the salt to your steaks just before cooking otherwise it may draw moisture out of your steaks, which would be undesirable.

    Grilling Steaks
    Disclaimer: Searing times and results may vary depending on the temperature of your grill, its height above the heat source and thickness of your steaks. You may need to adjust your searing times.
    Step 1. Fire up your grill with a searing hot section and a low temperature section.
    Step 2. Remember that juices will move away from the heat to the center of your steak.
    Step 3. Start your steaks on searing hot
    • Sear the first side for up to one minute and then rotate to create the cross hatching for up to one minute
    • Flip the steak and repeat the searing step on the second side
    • Then remove from high heat to a lower heat area of your grill to more slowly reach your desired doneness
    • Unless you have a good feel for doneness, it is easily best confirmed with a steak thermometer. Refer to the chart below.



        Be sure to let your cooked steak rest for about 5 minutes so that the flavourful juices within can better find their way to redistribute evenly throughout your steak for you to enjoy.  Cutting into it prematurely can cause these flavourful juices to run out and your steak won't be as tasty. 

        It's always great to enjoy food we love with people we love!

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