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How do I place an order?

First browse our products. Click "Add to Cart" on the products that you wish to purchase. Then when ready, go to your cart and click "Checkout."

How do I store Lick'sĀ® products?

Frozen meat products should be stored in your freezer.Ā Ā Since our products are quality vacuum-sealed, they can be kept in a refrigerator for up to seven days if unopened in their original vacuum-sealed packaging.

Is there a minimum order required to ship your Lickā€™sĀ® products?

Yes.Ā We have a $60 Minimum order value. Shipping is $15 on orders under $200. Orders over $200 qualify forĀ FREE shipping, within the delivery area.

When will I receive my order?

Depending on where you live and when you order, Lickā€™s orders are typically scheduled to arrive on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays, and usually deliver within 2 to 10 days of order placement.

How is my Lickā€™s order shipped?

We use a variety of shipping methods and so your Lickā€™s order will be shipped either by a freezer truck or overnight courier service.

How will my Lickā€™s order be packaged?

To ensure quality and preserve freshness and avoid freezer burn, Burgers are quality vacuum sealed in groups of 4 and Steak and salmon are individually quality vacuum sealed.

If Shipping by freezer truck, this eliminates the need for special packaging because it is kept frozen on the truck.Ā  When shipping by overnight courier, your Lickā€™s order will be shipped frozen, in an insulated package, in a box with additional cooling such as frozen gel packs or dry ice and should arrive by noon the next day.

Should I be home to receive my Lickā€™s order?

Yes. We recommend that you have someone available to receive your Lickā€™s order and immediately place it in your freezer.

What if I canā€™t be home?

If you canā€™t be home, leave a note for our driver and we can leave your Lickā€™s order with an available nearby neighbor youā€™ve made arrangements with.

How do I know you have received my order?

Once you have submitted and paid for your order, you will receive an email confirmation. When your order has been fulfilled, a confirmation email with a tracking number will also be sent to you.

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